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# Command line interface to SQL Database
This tool allows you to send a query and retrieve data from your terminal. This will be useful for sequential data retrieval.
## Basic Usage
echo "SELECT now();" > 1.sql
python --user $YOUR_ID 1.sql --format csv > 1.csv
## Advanced Usage
usage: [-h] --user USER [--release-version {hscla}]
[--format {csv,csv.gz,sqlite3,fits,numpygres-fits,fast-fits}]
[--nomail] [--password-env PASSWORD_ENV] [--preview]
[--skip-syntax-check] [--api-url API_URL]
[--login-url LOGIN_URL]
positional arguments:
sql-file SQL file
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--user USER, -u USER specify your account (default: None)
--release-version {hscla}, -r {hscla}
specify release version (default: hscla)
--delete-job, -D delete the job you submitted after your downloading
(default: False)
--format {csv,csv.gz,sqlite3,fits,numpygres-fits,fast-fits}, -f {csv,csv.gz,sqlite3,fits,numpygres-fits,fast-fits}
specify output format (default: csv)
--nomail, -M suppress email notice (default: False)
--password-env PASSWORD_ENV
specify the environment variable which contains the
password (default: HSC_LA_PASSWORD)
--preview, -p quick mode (short timeout) (default: False)
--skip-syntax-check, -S
skip syntax check (default: False)
--api-url API_URL for developers (default:
--login-url LOGIN_URL
for developers (default:
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